Though the information coming out of Libya all day has been contradictory a picture is now beginning to emerge and it is a disturbing one. 

The Guardian is now showing film of what appears to be a terrified but uninjured Gaddafi being hauled off a truck by a mob of militiamen some of whom are shouting the Islamic cry “Allah Akbar”.  If this film is genuine (and I see no reason to suppose that it is not) then the only possible conclusion is that Gaddafi was killed shortly after he was captured when he was no longer in a position to cause harm to anyone.  If so then by any definition this was a straightforward act of murder.  Moreover the grisly pictures of his corpse showing him covered in blood suggest that he was either repeatedly shot or that he was savagely beaten before he was killed or possibly both.

Some appear to find this outcome satisfying.  There has already been a chorus of self congratulation and self praise on the part of western governments and of the newspapers that have supported the war.  I see nothing to be proud of and I find nothing satisfying in the murder of a defenceless man especially a murder carried out with so much cruelty.  Of course as I have said in my previous posts it is a murder the western governments have been trying to carry out from the moment the war against Gaddafi began. They have now achieved their objective and we the people they purport to represent are degraded by it.


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