Shortly after writing my last post in which I mentioned the risk of Libya entering a death spiral I learnt that Human Rights Watch is reporting that militias from Misurata have destroyed the coastal city of Taworgha.  The city had a population variously estimated at between 10,000 and 30,000 people before the war.  They have apparently all been killed or have fled.  Andrew Gilligan, a British journalist writing for the Daily Telegraph, has visited the city and has reported that it has become a ghost town.  Most of its buildings have been looted and destroyed and he reports the militias occupying the city as saying that they will never allow its people to return.

Needless to say apart from one article by Andrew Gilligan in the Daily Telegraph the British and western media have ignored the destruction of Taworgha.  The west justified its intervention in Libya as being necessary to protect civilians and that was what was authorised by Resolution 1973.  Apparently that does not extend to civilians in places like Sirte or Taworgha who rightly or wrongly are accused of supporting Gaddafi.

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