As a brief postscript to my previous post, I wish to comment on reports that have appeared concerning a supposed attack by Syrian rebels on a military base near Damascus.

The western media is treating the reports as true.  As such they have been widely publicised and commented on.  There is no warrant for this.  Like almost all other reports coming out of Syria about opposition actions the reports about the attack on the military base originate wholly with the Syrian opposition.  As I have repeatedly said in posts on this blog any reports that originate from one side or another in a conflict should be treated with skepticism.  In this case the reports have not been independently verified.  There are no grounds therefore to report them as true.


3 thoughts on “SYRIA POSTSCRIPT

  1. I think many will agree that whatever NATO promises most fervently to be absolutely not its objective is likely to be exactly its objective – that’s a crowd that seems deeply wedded to the “the ends justify the means, and it’s easier to obtain forgiveness than permission” philosophy. Additionally, NATO relies heavily on its citizens to be so enraptured with the idea of democracy that they will ultimately support its expansion by force even if they’re a little uncomfortable with it in the short term, and to believe media reports that portray regime change as a happy coincidence rather than a coldly planned objective.

    I’ve spoken before on the issue of all the media reports (especially those that say Assad’s goons are machine-gunning windrows of protesters – send help quick!!!) all originating with pro-democracy activists. The media will calmly ignore or spin anything Assad says unless it’s “I surrender; I’m stepping down in favour of a democratic coalition of oppositionists”. The western media is a wholly-owned arm of western foreign policy, and I can’t imagine why anyone expects it to act differently. Its deceptions and intrigues are largely predictable.

  2. Dear Alexander and Mark,

    The West is playing with fire. As I’ve said in Mark’s blog before….the Islamists tend to gain in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’. ‘Democracy’ in the Arab countries would be short-lived, in my opinion -once Islamists gain power. These people might be emboldened to create a New Caliphate if they feel sufficiently powerful enough. It’s interesting that the US was behind AlQaeda and now repeats history by backing Islamists. Planning downfalls of devils to install other possibly worse devils. Good American foreign policy indeed!


    • Dear Mark and Sino Tibetan,

      You are both absolutely right. One of the depressing things is the degree to which fantasies published in the media continue to be accepted as truths and the extent to which absolutely nothing is ever learnt from past experience. The west has been trying to manipulate Islamic movements for decades only for this invariably to blow up in its face. I thought 9/11 would change things but of course it has not.

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