I understand that UNISON the public sector union is calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be sacked for saying on BBC television that he wanted to shoot public sector workers in front of their families. Jeremy Clarkson has since apologised and excused himself for making what he claims was an unfortunate joke.  In this he has found support from the Prime Minister, who is apparently a personal friend, who says that Jeremy Clarkson “obviously did not mean what he said” (who thought he did?) and was merely making a “silly joke”.

For my part I find it incomprehensible that the BBC, which is a public service broadcaster, should employ this reactionary and misogynist imbecile.  Before making his “joke” Jeremy Clarkson bragged that he does not know any public sector workers.  All he needs to do is look in the mirror.  His absurdly over generous salary is paid by the BBC, which is a public service broadcaster funded by the British people through the licence fee.  Once upon a time the BBC was proud that it provided a public service.  Today it pays millions to Jeremy Clarkson, its licenced clown, so that he can abuse other public sector workers who unlike him do something economically and socially useful with their lives.


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